How To Make Salt Dough and Patriotic Necklaces

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How To Make Salt Dough and Patriotic Necklaces

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4th of July Salt Dough Necklaces

These 4th of July Salt Dough Necklaces turned out completely adorable! Combining the fun interactive experience of salt dough and the patriotic vibe of the 4th!

This is not the quickest DIY craft ever but it was completely worth it after seeing how much fun the kids had making them AND how amazing they came out.

Easy kids craft for 4th of July! Make salt dough necklaces!

I made a few tweeks to how we made our necklaces because basically they make way more sense and to be honest I made it harder for myself.

Materials for 4th of July Salt Dough Necklaces

  • 1 Cup Salt
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 2 Cups Flour
  • Red and Blue Paint Food Coloring (no painting required)
  • Fishing String + Twine (too itchy) Balloon string
  • Toothpick
  • cookie sheet or baking pan

DIY Intructions

Making the Salt Dough Beads

Combine your flour salt and water and knead to make dough. I let the kids pour in the ingredients and got the doughy texture before splitting it up into 3 equal parts.

TIP: Put down Flour to help keep the dough from sticking to the surfaces. I tell the kids to flatten and fold the dough because squeezing it through their fingers gets messy fast! It doesn´t stop them haha

Next add a couple drop of food coloring into the dough.

( SIDEBAR ) I made the mistake of making all white beads and painting them after. DO NOT DO THIS! they still turned out super cute but it was tedious and messy. So food coloring is my solution to skipping the paint step all together.

SO INSTEAD …. separate the dough into 3 equal parts. Drop a couple of dots of red into one and blue into the other. Once the color is even throughout the dough get your toothpick and instruct the kiddos to make small balls.

As they did that I used my toothpick to poke holes in the center of each bead. Making the circle a little bigger then the toothpick because the dough will rise a bit during baking.

Also put a bit of flour in the baking pan to keep them from sticking.

I preheat the over to 250 degrees and bake them for about an hour. Tossing them a few times during baking.

Make your own beads with Salt Dough for any occasion

4th of July Salt Dough Necklaces

Once the beads cool down I evenly distributed the red white and blue beads to each kiddos to make sure they had the same number of each color beads.

I gave them each a piece of fishing line with a gold bead tied to the end ( so the beads they added wouldnt fall off. ) And let them get creative!

Once they added all their beads I added another gold bead to the other end and tied the twine to make the necklaces fit over their heads.

Salt Dough Necklaces for the 4th of July!

PRO TIP: I would change the twine to balloon string. I would be sturdy enough to go through the beads and wouldn´t be itchy on the back of their necks. ( They did complain about that SO I had to change the twine out.

ALL IN ALL THEY ALL LOVED THEM! Both our boys and the sweet girls that participated in this cannot wait to wear them for the 4th of July!

We are making our 4th of July shirts soon too! These crisp white shirts count as a before photo 🙂 Ill share the link when we get done!!! In the mean time, take a look at our 4th of July Popsicle Garland! The perfect craft for kids and super cute home decor IN ONE!

Share this great DIY for any occasion!

Happy Crafting 🙂

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