Bathroom Window Treatment idea | Before and After

Before and After Window Treatment
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Bathroom Window Treatment idea | Before and After

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During our renovation, we couldn’t help but want to do a bathroom window treatment to this small unappealing window and it only costs $9.

This window was bare for almost two years because of the natural light it let in our bathroom. It was a complete eyesore though and honestly, made it look like we had just moved in.

The Ugly Bathroom Window

Ugly Bathroom window - Before Picture

Window Treatment Idea Refresh

I was really set on doing a roman shade for this, but after pricing them it was not budget-friendly. Instead, we purchased this beautiful Hampton Bay roller shade. For less than $9! It comes in a few different colors and Home Depot will cut it to your custom size!

BONUS: If you go instore to buy this they will let you keep what’s left of your roll since they can’t use it.

Once we got it home. It still looked bare so I started looking around for fabric that would go with the natural tones for a Boho feel. This dress was thrifted to me from a friend some time ago, and because I rarely wear it, it was perfect for this DIY bathroom window treatment idea.

Window Treatment Inspiration

I found the dress. Got my hot glue out. and went to work. I started by carefully cutting the bottom off the dress. I measured that I could do two rows across the window and layer the fabric.

Then using hot glue I started applying. It was really neat because the hot glue actually peels right off. ( I found this out when I messed up my line the first time) It made me realize that it could be redone at any time. In case I change things up, which is not uncommon.

Final Reveal

the DIY part.

BONUS TIP: If I redo this project later I will flip the shade around so that it’s installed where the shade folds over like a proper roll of toilet paper. I did not think about that when I did my gluing and now it drives me crazy 🙂

After photo - reveal
Boho inspired window treatment and DIY canvas art

This bathroom window treatment idea was so simple and updated the whole room! It feels so much more cozy and private without taking away the natural light. You can use any kind of fabric and get creative with your taste!

For more inspiration check out how I turned a canvas into the framed art you see in the photos!

And coming soon this the Small Bathroom Renovation Reveal! Leave a comment and check subscribe for updates. 🙂

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I hope you are inspired to do some window updates of your own and remember, making a home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Just a little creativity.

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