Box Tops For Education | 10K for your school this year!

10K Box Top Goal for your school
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Box Tops For Education | 10K for your school this year!

BTW - This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click the links and make a purchase I may receive a commission from the sale. The great part is that its no extra cost to you AND you're helping our Home and Children. Not a brand, my family. Happy Reading!

Box Tops for Education

Home and Children is not affiliated with Box Tops for Education. I’m just a mom trying to get help for our school 🙂 But that is the direct link to get more details.

Box Tops For Education seems like the absolute easiest way to donate to your school without having to lift a finger… Other than grocery shop of course which I’m willing to bet you an uninterrupted shower that you do that anyway.

Anyways, I hadn’t even thought Box Tops until my son has started Kindergarten and I’ve been trying to find more ways to get involved, help, and get other people excited about it too!

Box Tops for Education is by far the easiest way for anyone with any schedule to be apart of their child’s school and actually make a difference!

Box tops for education is the easiest way to earn for your school!

The $10k Box Top Goal | Here is how it works

Ten Cents per box top doesn’t give very much motivation to buy Box Top Brands and clip them or more recently scan them, but the bigger picture says otherwise!

2 Box Top Brands a week for 52 weeks is $10.40 that WE PERSONALLY will have donated per year to our children’s education. Still not impressed? Then let’s multiply that by the 700 or so families that go to our school.

$ 7,280.00 !!!!! THAT’S ALMOST TEN GRAND!!!

Okay sorry for the caps but it’s hard to deny the impact that Ten Thousand Dollars could have for our children. Each school may vary on how funds are spent and are usually completely transparent. Parent Involvement is a huge goal for any school so they are happy to share.

Now you can Clip, Scan, and even forward online receipts

I mentioned above that Box Tops now lets us scan receipts. This is pretty neat considering we usually can’t see our school’s box top results but now you can!

On your App Store just type Box Tops for Education and you’ll see the Logo.

THE BEST PART about the app is that its super easy to get started and you can CONNECT DIRECTLY to your school. Your school’s earnings will be in real-time! Remember our personal goal is only $10.40 a year. That is all it takes to earn BIG BUCKS for your children’s education.

I personally love Walmart Grocery Pick up but for Box Tops I was concerned because of the electronic receipt. Now, I can forward my grocery receipt to and our school’s account only takes 1 day to update! They make it so easy now!

Participating Box Top for Education Brands

I want to share some AWESOME BRANDS that support Box Tops For Education. As of 2019 so you can see how simple adding them to your shopping list can be!

Clip only products include

  • Finish® Dishwashing Products
  • Hefty® Garbage bags
  • Kleenex® Products
  • Reynolds® Wrap Products
  • Scott® Brand Products
  • Ziploc® Products

Scannable Box Tops have been adopted by some MAJOR BRANDS that know the value of helping children and their educations. You can find a full list of Box Tops products by clicking here.

You’ll want a pen and paper momma or Pin this for later because I couldn’t believe how many things I already buy that are on this list! A few of my favorites and how I’m convinced we can shoot past this $10.40 goal super quick include

  • Bottled Water – Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water specifically lets us earn 2x the box tops all the time and my family go through bottles of water like insanely fast.
  • Hamburger Helper™ – We love Hamberger and Chicken Helper.
  • Totino’s™ Party Pizza (4 Pack Only)
  • Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls!!! YESSSSSSS
  • Pillsbury™ Toaster Strudel
  • Old El Paso™ Taco Kit – Another dinner just add meat and toppings!
  • TONS OF CERAL BRANDS! If your kiddos do cereal like mine this is awesome!
  • Annie’s® Fruit Snacks
  • Nature Valley™ Bars
  • Lysol® Toilet Bowl Cleaner

These and TONS MORE BRANDS offer scannable Box Tops. It is so easy to participate in our children’s education, make a difference for our kids, and support our schools!

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