DIY How to Turn Canvas into Framed Art – Tutorial

Canvas into framed art
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DIY How to Turn Canvas into Framed Art – Tutorial

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We were refreshing a room and it needed some art. Luckily this DIY Canvas into framed art project can be done with any canvas you have laying around.

DIY How to Turn a Canvas into Framed Art


Materials you will need

  • Canvas with a wood frame backing
  • knife or staple remover
  • scissors
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-sided tape

Extras to be fancy

  • Backing material
  • Spackle or patch mud
  • sandpaper
  • picture hanging hardware piece

DIY Instructions

Begin by turning over your canvas and removing the staples. Peel off the canvas gently to expose your new picture frame.

The canvas will be larger than the frame. Cut it down to size by drawing a line on the outside of the frame so you have some to glue down later.

This is the part where I made sure the frame was secure and put patch mud into the slats the fame had. Once dry, I used light sandpaper to make everything smooth. Wipe with a damp rag before painting.

Paint Frame and canvas whatever your heart desires. For this project, I wanted natural feelings and tones. I turned the canvas to the back to use the tan color as the background for paint.

I put a varnish on the frame to make it shiny as well.

When its ready for glue, First find your placement for frame to canvas. Start by putting a line of glue on a short side of the frame. Turn frame over and place onto your canvas.

Now flip everything over and gently stretch the canvas as you glue the remaining sides. This will make everything look tight when you flip it over for the revel.

Add your backing if you wish and double sided tape.

Final Reveal

And you’re done! This project is super easy and fun. Here is my latest DIY Canvas into Framed Art.


For more inspiration check out the DIY Boho Inspired Window Treatment in the photo below. This is now my favorite place in the house!

DIY Canvas

PS: I will update with more photos to add to the how to section for everyone that wants to see the process 🙂

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