Cleaning after Christmas | Holiday Organization

Cleaning after Christmas tips and tricks
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Cleaning after Christmas | Holiday Organization

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Alright, let’s all take a huge sigh of relief that the holidays are over. Christmas is a huge holiday around our house which makes cleaning AFTER Christmas quite a task.

Cleaning after Christmas doesn’t have to be daunting

In fact, I quite enjoy taking mental notes of all the decor and organizing it in a way that makes next year’s Christmas Decorating a breeze and I want to share it with you!

Here are my best tips for Cleaning after Christmas. Making your home a clean slate for the New Year.

First Things First. TOTES

Totes are literally my best friend when it comes to all my Holiday Organization.

Boxes can serve the same purpose for free BUT with cardboard, you run the risk of water and pest damage to the goods after a year in storage.

Totes are the way to go. With lids that seal tight and stack nicely for optimized space. I like this 6 pack of Clear Totes ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $35

Label them to quickly identify next year and divide them in your own way to help the process. Cleaning after Christmas can be a breeze and here’s how we keep it together.

Like items go together

Whether you take down your tree right after Christmas or wait until after the New Year this Christmas ornament storage tote is a life savor.

Against my own advice, my current ornament holder is cardboard and it’s on its last leg. This one below, however (Click photo for details) is perfect!

Completely customizable for different size ornaments and a zipper to keep them seeled. I usually start with my tree because for me it just starts the process.

However, I do wrap my Christmas lights around paper towel rolls to keep them from becoming tangled. I put them in a tote so it’s a good hack for cardboard that I do stand by.

Next, I do a load of laundry and collect all the Christmas Cloths. Ie. blankets, table cloths, pillows, holiday clothes, stockings, and tree skirt. Once washed they also go separate from the rest.

Then I go through the house and get everything off the walls. flat decor like pictures, cardholders, etc and I usually put them in a tote with any Christmas Glass, mugs, glassware and decor. These items are all fragile therefore get packed with newspaper.

Garland is a beautiful nightmare, isn’t it? Well for that it gets its very own tote. I take it down last because of the mess it makes in the house.

Cleaning after Christmas is super easy with these tips and tricks for keeping your decorations organized.

Once inside is packed I work my way outside (usually while the kiddos are riding bikes) and takedown outside lights and inflatables. Which of course get their own tote as well.

Truth be told we don’t have any inflatables. We had three large ones but they had their last year already and I didn’t bother packing them back up.

One packing it worth mentioning if you put everything in an attic is to add one more layer of protection by taping those totes closed. Keeps any pests out and your decor from being ruined before next year.

Cleaning after Christmas

My house always looks so bare cleaning after Christmas. The living room echos like we just moved in and its time to replace the decor.

But before you start redecorating your space take this time to do a deep clean. This will be easier with everything out of the way. Move couches wipe baseboards the whole nine.

Each room going from top to bottom. I love this top to bottom cleaning strategy because it honestly just makes sense.

In a nutshell, start with the ceiling fans and work your way cleaning down. It doesn’t make sense to clean the garland off the floor and then wipe dust and crumbs from the tables back down. Floors should be last.

What about the Trash?

Check your local Waste Management Website to find out how the holiday pick-up schedule will go after Christmas to ensure you don’t have overflowing trash cans for 2 weeks.

I couldn’t find ours so to be safe we ripped up all the cardboard so everything could fit into the recycle bin and put both cans by the road.

Tree pick-up for us is the first two weeks of January. They say just leave it curbside and they pick them up separately. Check your local WM Company to confirm your days.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning after Christmas always gives me a sense of starting fresh for the New Year. It allows me to decide what gets to come back in and what doesn’t.

I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist but I honestly don’t mind leaving my home bare for a day or two or maybe three. It feels nice not to be surrounded by stuff and gives me a chance to breathe.

5 Things tidy people don’t do keeps my home clean and is definitely worth a read if you’re looking for some extra ways to keep your home fresh!

Thanks for Reading! and if you like my tips please share them with your friends.

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