Decorating for Thanksgiving on a Budget

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Decorating for Thanksgiving on a Budget

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Each year I look forward to hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our family and each year I try to step up my decor game and keep it festive! Here are some ideas if you’re Decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget!

Now some may have an unlimited budget for decorating but this Mom of two has to get creative! I´ve rounded up my best inspiration and tips for YOU to be inspired this holiday season.

Decorating for Thanksgiving

These tips work for any occasion and you can use whatever decor you have! That’s the awesome part about this post. I strongly encourage you to use items you already have.

If you decorate with turkeys, have a turkey table, layer some burlap and make that happen! If it’s white and blue you have a lot of, do a white and blue table. The possibilities are endless.

This was my tablescape last year in 2018. You wanna talk about Decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget, I was able to complete this look with things I made and collected.

Decorating your Thanksgiving Table and more on a budget! Get some great tips for decorating for Thanksgiving and making your holiday special!

Create Layers and Build your look.

Creating Layers on your tablescape will instantly add sophistication and beauty for your guests to enjoy.

For this look, I used a paper tablecloth from Then layered a piece festive fabric and when that was too busy I added a white curtain as a smaller runner.

Yes, I used a curtain as a table runner. When doing any occasion on a budget sometimes we have to improvise. As long as it doesn’t read sheet print, it´ll be perfect.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration.

Then with the table settings, I used white poster board and cut out circles and added the leaf decorations on the edges. Next, I layered Walmart Thanksgiving paper plates with my white and navy blue porcelain home set.

Finally, Instead of name settings, I added my own personal touch on top with a big leaf and pinecone from our backyard. Which brings me to my next tip when you´re decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget.

Pull Items from your home and garden

I used like items I had around my home to set the look for our Thanksgiving tablescape.

DIY Thanksgiving Table decorations. Easy ideas to try!

I gathered any small pumpkins around our home, succulents from my garden and a couple of wire pieces I picked up thrifting.

Then we found some large leaves from a really colorful tree in my yard and put the pinecone on top with a little dot of hot glue. ( This happened like 5 minutes before everyone showed up.)

I laid some red grapes and nuts on the table for snacking too and everything came together beautifully.

I missed an opportunity last year to make a cute backdrop for photos and this year I was determined to figure something out.

Fast forward to 2019

Decorating for Thanksgiving | DIY

There is no more budget-friendly way to decorate for Thanksgiving or any holiday then getting out those craft supplies.

Using a little Martha Stewart inspiration I was able to use scrapbook paper and make this adorable Pie Garland.

Thanksgiving Garland DIY.

I had these two closet doors in our garage and brought them in to use as a backdrop! Added some chairs for seating and here is how it came out.

 DIY Thanksgiving Garland. Decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget!

Garland is the easiest DIY for any occasion. ( 20 Minute Craft )

Materials: Most of which you´ll already have in your crafting stash. In my case, I was able to sift through my mom’s scrapbook stash and find all the paper colors I needed.

  • scrapbook paper
  • string
  • glue
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • hole puncher

Simply cut a template to your desired shape and size.

Use your template to cut out multiples in your desired colors.

Hole-punch them and string up.

Fast, easy, simple, on a budget!

Be practical when you’re decorating for Thanksgiving

Another Tip for Decorating for Thanksgiving is to remember what you have to have and try to be festive about it.

For Thanksgiving you have to have napkins and plates, so why not get some themed ones to add to the decor.

The Dollar Store has lots of great seasonal decor too like florals and door hangers to create a warm and cozy Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving being NEXT WEEK I’m preparing like crazy. Here is a sneak peek at my supplies for our Thanksgiving Tablescape for this year!

Decorating Thanksgiving Table.
Festive Table Decorations

All of these supplies I found at and the Dollar Tree to make our table this year. I had some extra uncarved pumpkins from Halloween that have now become Fall pumpkins as well.

Label your food dishes. Something that always helps me lower my Thanksgiving anxiety is to get out my food dishes and label what is going in them beforehand. I leave the labels in the bowls until I’m putting the food in them that day. This way I’m not digging threw my cabinets for a dish at the last minute.

And if your Hosting Thanksgiving this year check out The 5 Things I do BEFORE my Guests Arrive!

No matter how your home is decorated, don´t worry. The people coming to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family love you. Remember what Thanksgiving is all about and be grateful for everyone around you.

Share, comment, and have fun Decorating for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Can,t wait to see this year s decor!!! And don,forget to check out your mom,s craft supplies! Lololol

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