How to Make Large Floral numbers or letters- Tutorial

Large Floral numbers - how to tutorial
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How to Make Large Floral numbers or letters- Tutorial

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Oh my Gosh, I’m so excited to show you how to make Large Floral Numbers! ( or letters )! The reason I’m so excited is that normally I don’t have an opportunity to make such a pretty girly project. #Boymomlife.

BUT this time I DO!

Inspiration for Large Floral Projects

Browsing one of my crafty Facebook sites, I saw a momma asking if anyone could make something like this for her daughter’s 3rd birthday photoshoot. She was in a time crunch and my crafty senses were tingling!

How to make Large Floral Projects

We used those photos as inspiration to discuss the size, colors, and materials, and once we agreed on everything, off to the dollar store I went!


  • 1 white poster board
  • 2 white foam boards
  • 15-20 bundles of flowers ( include different sizes and colors )
  • Tissue paper or some kind of backing
  • Paint Brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Sealer / Varnish
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Twine rope for edges
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Sandpaper
  • Razor

Instructions on How to Make Large Floral Projects

The steps below are how to make large floral numbers OR letters. You can customize this tutorial to make anything floral.

Make your Template

First I used my white poster board and measured 24″ from the top and cut. Then fold your paper in half from top to bottom to know where your middle is. Finally Draw your number or letter in pencil focusing on proportion and shape of whatever your making.

Cut out the poster board – You now have your template.

Template for Floral Projects

Use Template to Make Large Number

With your spray adhesive glue your 2 white foam boards together to create a thicker foam board. I think this foam board is a better product then regular cardboard and doubling it makes it more sturdy and well made without the weight of wood.

Once dry, trace your template on your foam board and use your razor to cut it out. Sand down any rough edges.

Last Step Before Flowers

Modge Podge your tissue paper / fabric / scrapbook paper / etc.

Onto the back of your Number. Focus on making the back pretty first!

Modge Podge
  • Step 1 – Thin Layer of Modge Podge down
  • Step 2 – Tissue Paper down
  • Let dry
  • Step 3 – Modge Pod top coat
  • Let dry
  • Step 4 – Paint sealer over everything.
  • Let dry.

Repeat these steps on the front if you wish but the goal is to give the back of your number something instead of leaving it bare.

ADD YOUR TWINE – Once everything dries its time to Hot Glue your Twine around the edges of the back of your piece. This will create a completed look for your creation. Remember this step is to make the back of your letter or number pretty.

Arranging and Setting the Flowers

I started by taking the flowers off the stems and making sure they wouldn’t poke through the back. ( Luckily they did not poke through! ) I took 5 one of flowers, 5 of the next, and so on using my 4 different flower colors and just laid them around.

Arranging the flowers on floral project

At first, I just set them around playing with how it looked but honestly you have to just start gluing. I used my scissors to poke a small hole into your foam board. Put hot glue in the hole and push the little stem down securing the flower down.

Once the number really starting filling up with flowers I made sure to step back and make sure everything was balanced. Also Filling in any spots that looked bare.

Finally for the last touch, Add your hooks or double-sided tape for hanging 🙂

Final thoughts | How to make Large Floral Projects

Final Outcome of Tutoral

This project took me about 2 days, spent about $35 on materials, and I was so excited to show her the final product!

I hope this inspired you in your next floral project!

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Happy Crafting!

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  1. Turned out beautiful, you are crafty girl!! 💘💘

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