6 Great Alternatives For All That Leftover Halloween Candy

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6 Great Alternatives For All That Leftover Halloween Candy

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Leftover Halloween Candy is a thing of the past and these amazing options have endless possibilities. You´ll see what I mean…

Wondering what to do with the pounds of candy the kids bring home after Halloween?

I was too! Between Halloween night and the Halloween Events, we did this year I have candy up to my ears!

What to do with your leftover Halloween Candy

We dumped out all the candy and went through it for the ¨keepers¨ and now have a whole bunch that I don´t want to throw away or let sit until next year.

So instead, I wanted to find a mix of creative ideas that we could do with Leftover Halloween Candy.

I´ve searched high and low for all the best options because now that I have two boys I know each year will only bring in more candy.

Use Leftover Halloween Candy in Recipies

I was amazed by hundreds of creative recipes you can do with Leftover Halloween Candy. I had no idea. Endless possibilities.

I’m not exactly a natural in the kitchen but I found a few super easy recipes that I would dare to try. A simple Pinterest search will give you all the inspiration you need to cook with your candy!

Eat it.

My Favorite Leftover Halloween Candy Recipe is Trail Mix! It´s brilliant because you can mix the little bags of M&Ms (regular or peanut) or even skittles and mix them with your preferred nuts/pretzels/raisins, and add Chex or Honey Comb cereal.

Trail Mix is perfect for a snack in Kolton´s lunches because it has a sweet and healthy balance.

Make it and Gift it.

My position was to somehow get rid of our candy to avoid cavities and sugar so our idea was to use the candy to make bark or cookies during Christmas time. Then give those to Co-workers, Kolton´s Teachers, Friends, and Family.

Fill a Pinata

Any kids party coming up? Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy to fill a Pinata! My son´s birthday is in January and this year works out perfect. Keep the pinata inside though so any chocolate inside it doesn´t melt.

Halloween Candy is typically good for 10 months to a year depending on the type. That leaves a lot of room for fall, winter, and spring birthdays!

Donate your leftover Halloween candy

Halloween Candy Buy Back Programs

HalloweenCandyBuyBack.com is a great program that local businesses, typically dentists, participate in to take in Leftover Halloween Candy and send it to our Troops.

Each business will hold a scheduled drop off event and hand out money, toothbrushes, and other non-candy treats in exchange for your candy.

Simply go to Halloweencandybuyback.com and type in your zip code to find a participating business.

If you are interested in hosting a candy buyback yourself you can also register your cause as well. Make sure to read to terms and deadlines for sending in your candy.

Operation Gratitude

If you´re burnt out from all the Halloween Festivities, Operation Gratitude sends care packages to Deployed Troops, Veterans, First Responders, Military Families, Wounded Heros, caregivers, and Recruit Graduates all over the world.

Operation Gratitude lets you complete a donation form with the weight of your candy and other items (letters/hygiene products/etc.) and sends you a printable barcode so you can track your package!

Since 2003 they have sent over 2.5 Million care packages and over 10 million items to all our Great Nations Heros.

Take the M&Ms or Reses´s pieces and add nuts, raisins, and or pretzels.

Want More Inspiration for Upcoming Holidays ?!

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