Things Little Boys Find Funny| That Moms Do not!

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Things Little Boys Find Funny| That Moms Do not!

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Kids are so great. They see life totally different and sometimes I wish I could view the world through their eyes. I wanted to share some of the weird things little boys find funny. From my own experience.

Are you a Boy Mom?

Things Little Boys find Funny can be interesting, to say the least.

My toddlers are constantly laughing at some interesting things and I want to share 8 things little boys find to be just the funniest things in the world.

Anything to do with Poop

Seriously. The world poop – booty – butt – fart or any other synonyms make my boys laugh so hard. If Kolton Farts the smile he gets on his face is priceless.

I try to keep it at a minimum but for the most part, boys will be boys I suppose.

Making a Mess with Food

Little boys find it completely comical to get messy while eating. Pudding all over there faces, slurping their spaghetti noodles, licking butter off bread and getting it all over their faces.

I think it’s safe to assume most toddlers get messy while eating but for some reason, it´s one of many things little boys find funny!

Their Winker | Oh the things little boys find

Yes, My toddler´s have discovered the parts between their legs. It has to be a boy thing but they are so amused.

It took me forever to keep my youngest son’s hands out of his pants. I finally got him to stop but both my boys went through this stage of curiosity. I guess I would have to be a boy to get it.

Playing Rough and Getting Dirty

My little boys find it so funny when we play rough and get dirty. Their dad will wrestle with them, or we´ll play outside in the yard. They love being thrown on the bed and jumping on our backs too.

We don´t condone fighting (because they would) but when it comes to getting sweaty and playing rough boys are all smiles.

Even painting is just a bore unless they paint their hands, clothes, and the table.

Things Little Boys Find Funny | That Moms Do Not. Check out these things boy mom life brings!

When Mommy Messes Up

My boys love to laugh at me if I forget something or mess something up. They say something like ¨Oh, Mom¨ or ¨You´re so silly¨.

No one is perfect, not even us moms. I´ve forgotten a back-pack on the way to school before. I´ve spilled my drink all over the floor.

For whatever reason, My kids love it. I think it shows them that everyone has accidents and I show them it’s okay to laugh it off when it happens to them. ¨We just have to clean up the mess¨ says every mom.

Climbing and Jumping

Why do boys like to climb all over EVERYTHING!? Couches, chairs, beds, people, you name it, they want to climb it. I´m constantly telling them to get off the bathroom counters and the top of the couch but they think it´s just so great to get up on everything.

Of course, it scares me half to death and sometimes someone gets hurt but they just find it greatly amusing.

Things Little Boys Find Funny | That Moms Do Not. Check out these things boy mom life brings!

Being Sprayed with the Water Hose

My boys never laugh harder than when I get the water hose out. Being sprayed with the water hose envokes the biggest smiles and belly laughs you can imagine. They love running through the yard and going back and forth while I try to get them.

Now you might be saying that´s so cute why would any mom not like that? I want to be clear with you. I love spraying them as much as they do and I do think its funny.

BUT what´s not funny is when they turn the hose on me. Something my kids also think is hilarious. Now, of course, I´m a good sport but I definitely do not think it´s as funny as they do.

Animation with No Words

My little boys´ find tv shows and videos without words hilarious and all I can say is WOW.

On Netflix, there is a series called Booba. Booba is a wiry animal-like character that’s always finding adventures around him but he doesn´t speak. He makes sounds and facial expressions but the boys will literally belly laugh at all the trouble he finds himself in.

Pencilmation is a youtube channel where they use drawings to create movement and stories on notebook paper. This one is admittedly cute and creative and my kiddos get a huge kick out of it.

Things Little boys Find Funny |That Their Moms Do Not.

I never imagined I´d be a boy mom (I always dreamed about having girls) but I would not trade #boymomlife for the world.

Boys really do have a weird funny bone but it always keeps me on my toes and it makes me smile that they have such active mind, bodies, and spirits. Even if we don´t always laugh at the same things.

I hope you laughed at my little boys and I want to hear what makes your little boys laugh! (COMMENT BELOW and tell me!)

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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