A cleaner home – 6 things tidy people DON´T DO! STOP doing them now too!

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A cleaner home – 6 things tidy people DON´T DO! STOP doing them now too!

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6 things tidy people DON´T DO to have a cleaner home – STOP doing them now too!

There are so many reasons that keeping your home clean is beneficial to your family, your sanity, and overall health and wellness. A clean home literally causes less stress and anxiety AND It stabilizes your mood and perception.

There may be TONS of great reasons and things you SHOULD DO to keep your home clean but it still doesn’t make it any easier to actually DO does it?

That’s why I created a list of 6 things tidy people DO NOT DO for a cleaner home.

So really you only have to STOP DOING these things to have a cleaner home.

Forget adding another item to your to-do list! Instead, take these 6 things off! Tidy people everywhere have stopped these 6 things for a cleaner home!

I am nowhere near being a clean freak but my home is always presentable, clean for my kids, and I apply the 5-second rule because I completely trust that our home is clean.

I can tell you MY BIGGEST SECRET for keeping a clean home is not to let it get out of control. Once that happens you can lose all motivation to even start because you see no end.

The trick? Start small in one area and complete that area before moving on to anything else. I promise the accomplishment of completing one area at a time will keep your motivation and you only have to do it in 15 – 30 min spirts vs. finding a whole day to ¨deep clean¨.

But in this case, I´m telling you 6 things Tidy people DO NOT DO to keep their house clean.

So for a clean house STOP doing these 6 things.

#1 – For a cleaner home, Tidy people don´t keep everything.

So let me dig right in. Tidy people have no problem getting rid of items when its time.

Throwing things away is a win-win-win. Less to clean, more space in your home, easier to organize.

Clutter really messes with your happiness.

Pun Intended

Now I’m not talking about tossing your rather large stash of crafting materials away (referring to myself there) or to start running around your home with a big black trash bag.

THE KEY is TO STOP asking yourself what you want to throw away. The feeling that comes with discarding items is unpleasant. Instead, ask yourself what do I want to keep?

This allows you to release ownership of every item under your sink or in your closet, wherever, like your starting with a clean slate. Now the trick is to only invite the things back that you need, use, or bring you happiness.

Start in a small area first like under the bathroom sink. and ask yourself what do I want to keep. Heck, start even smaller with your nail polish collection (again referring to myself, I keep my nail polish under my bathroom sink). And ask yourself what do I want to keep now.

Then with the rest of the items ask yourself if you would buy it again. Right now. AS-IS. If its no good toss it. If it’s in decent condition but YOU WOULDNT buy it again, Donate it. It could be a little girl’s favorite color nail polish.

For what comes next keep reading.

#2 Tidy people don´t let things make homes, they make a home for their things.

Once you put something down, it starts to create a home there. Like the mail on the counter or toys in the living room. By the second time, you set the new mail on top of the mail pile or add a toy to that pile that place has become a home for those things.

When more and more things make homes in unappealing areas this creates clutter. To avoid this simply make everything a designated spot in your home.

Let me give you a couple of examples from my own home.

Toys are a big one with my two boys and toys being in the living room was a real-life situation. In the boys’ room, they have a place for each type of toy. Block Box, People Bin, matchbox car garage, and those are just a few homes I´ve created for ¨things¨ that seem to want to live elsewhere.

Head over on to Amazon and get your self some cute bins like these ones and stop the clutter.

If things tend to pile up, take like items and find them a functional space in your home. This creates its home and less clutter.

#3 Tidy people do not let tasks go without completing them.

In my home laundry is one of those things that are never done. There’s always more clothes and towels and bed sheets that all need to be washed.

Let me guess because if you’re like me starting the laundry and moving it to the dryer is no problem. Putting it away therein lies the problem.

Tidy people have laundry going ALL THE TIME and they don’t skip out on completing the task of putting it away. Completing tasks and goals you set for your housework is super important to a clean home.

THE KEY: Hold yourself accountable by writing a list.

(I´m a HUGE fan of writing lists and create them all the time to stay organized. Right now I have a grocery list for this week, a separate list of needs for our pumpkin carving party, and a cleaning to-do list for tomorrow). Wooo. Thank goodness for lists.

Holding yourself accountable by completing small tasks you gain confidence and a cleaner home. Example of everyday tasks tidy people complete for a cleaner home would be

  • Laundry mentioned above putting the clothes away would be completing the task.
  • Having a list for the day and completing all the items.
  • Making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen afterward. ( dishes and all )
Forget adding another item to your to-do list! Instead, take these 6 things off! Tidy people everywhere have stopped these 6 things for a cleaner home!

#4. For a cleaner home, tidy people don´t take food out of the kitchen.

We´re all guilty of eating and drinking in areas outside of the kitchen. I mean I literally eat dessert on my couch every night, who doesn´t sit in front of the tv nowadays and eat.

But with that being said I have to do more work to keep my home clean. Juices get spilled, sticky pleather, and mystery stains on the carpet that usually equate to orange jello… sound familiar?

People with clean homes often don’t eat anywhere but the kitchen.

This contains the crumbs and spills and prevents bugs like sugar ants and roaches.

I have a FIRM no eating in the bedrooms policy but my family is totally guilty of eating pizza in front of the TV and snacks and drinks out in the living room.

That being said I do clean the floors quite often to keep everything clean. So if you want to keep your HOUSE CLEANER WITH LESS WORK, don’t take food and drinks out of the kitchen.

#5 Tidy people do not procrastinate what they have to get done.

Let’s be honest, this housework has to get done. And who the hell else is supposed to do it? (excuse me there).

Forget being a mom or that being ¨a woman’s domain¨, as an adult doing things like laundry, dishes, and cleaning up after ourselves is part of growing up.

Being a certain age doesn´t make an adult. The amount of responsibility we place on ourselves determines that with anything we do with our lives.


By doing what needs to be done you add tons of benefits to you and your family’s life. More time to spend together in a happy place, teaching our children responsibility, and leading by example.

#6 Tidy people do not clean like pinballs.

They have a schedule. daily, weekly, monthly, bi-yearly, and even yearly.

Truly it takes a lot of work keeping a home clean. I know now why tiny house living is becoming so popular. The more house you have the more work it takes.

People with clean homes do not clean willy nilly, they keep a schedule or pattern.

I like keeping a pattern for cleaning my house because I never have to wonder what’s next. I start on one side of the house (which happens to be our master bath) and I move on from there, doing the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, into the boy’s rooms, guest bath, and then finally the guest bed.

Keeping those patterns and doing say one deep clean a month on each room keeps all the rooms tidy year-round. Now add in the daily and weekly housework for each room and you are bound for a cleaner home with less stress.

Breaking down your cleaning into rooms or a schedule tremendously helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed with housework.

Final Thoughts – Stop doing these things now too for a cleaner home.

So I apologize if you thought you were about to find the ultimate secret of how to do nothing and have a cleaner home. That’s just not the case.

People with a clean home do quite a bit of work behind the scenes to be able to enjoy a clutter-free home.

But they also avoid doing things to make their workload less overwhelming.

If you decide to stop doing these things too, your home will without a doubt become easier to manage and less to clean.

Share this post if you liked it and comment below to start a conversation. I´d love to know what things you DON´T DO that keep your home cleaner.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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