Trampoline for my kids?| 50+ Boy Moms Weigh-in

Should I get a trampoline for my kids? 50+ boy moms weigh-in
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Trampoline for my kids?| 50+ Boy Moms Weigh-in

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I surveyed over 50 boy mom’s to get the scoop on getting a trampoline for my kids. Truth is, our boy’s ages 3 and almost 6 are getting one from Santa this year and as a mom, I wanted to see what I should consider beforehand.

Should I get a trampoline for my kids?

50+ Boy moms weighed-in on this question and I have the results for you!

I love the idea of getting a trampoline for my kids but I have obvious concerns. Heres what 50 moms of boys ages ranging from 3 to 16 had to say and some even admitted to jumping on it themselves.

Positive Feedback

During the survey, I received tons of positive feedback from moms of boys who already made the leap in getting a trampoline. All pun intended.

Moms raved about the amount of energy the kiddos can jump out on trampolines and how much their kids loved them!

“Great way to play together and burn off energy all at the same time! Boys are 10, 7, and 4 “

“We have one! Boys are ages 3,7 and 8. We’ve had it for two years now. No problems with it. Kids lOVE it! Okay, I do too!”

” A trampoline is almost a necessity, My boys needed it!”

” Yes! Do it! It’s great exercise and fun memories! We started about the same ages ( as your kids ) and mine are 12, 9, and 2 now! The older two still LOVE IT!

“My boys are OBSESSED! We’ve had ours a few years and they could spend hours on it.” Kids ages 6, 4, and 1.

A huge majority of Moms with trampolines had great things to say! Including the fun games and memories, they create as a family. One mom even mentioned how it was a great way to keep her kids off the electronics and play outside! Honestly, it got me even more excited for our boys!

Great Advice

Moms with Trampolines already in their house had awesome advice for other moms too!

MAKE SURE to get one with a net. Almost every mom who was pro-trampoline also felt it absolutely necessary to get one with a net. Consider it done.

Weight it down. Great advice for moms of boys OR who live in a place where a windy storm could occur. Hurricanes here in Florida throw playgrounds and trampolines around like frisbees.

Some moms mentioned inground and Springfree trampolines. HOW COOL?! Upon further research though, I can’t exactly dig a 14ft. diameter hole in my backyard for an inground, and Springfree trampolines are a bit pricey. is not affiliated with Springfree Trampolines. We are not doctors and this post is completely opinion-based.

Huge Concerns

One mom made said something that caught me off guard.

” Number one cause of broken bones in children. No thank you!.

Now although it came off a little brash, I appreciated the insight because I immediately started googling it. Although I couldn’t find anything saying specifically number one cause, I did find an overwhelming amount of evidence backing her concern. Trampolines are not safe.

In fact, not only did other moms agree with her some moms had experienced it.

” My kids loved the one my sister had but after two broken arms, a badly sprained ankle and a friend badly breaking his nose, we quit.”

“I’d say no. Too many kids end up with broken bones. If your boys are rough it’s just asking for someone to get hurt. “

Even the American Acadamy of Pediatrics advises against them completely. Trampolines don’t have a huge amount of safety regulations surrounding them and do cause broken bones in lots of cases.

Another concern that was brought up was the liability you have as a trampoline owner if someone else’s kids get hurt while playing on it. That link is from a Q&A on Avvo, a law directory where real lawyers answer real questions. Basically they all say that YOU ARE LIABLE.

So if you’re considering a trampoline like I am, it’s important we remember that outside of a net, supervision and regulation are the only tools we have from preventing our kiddos from getting hurt and being sued. Trampolines are definitely not babysitters.

Other Things to Consider

Homeowner’s Insurance was also a topic in the trampoline conversation. Something I personally didn’t think about. I don’t have any experience in this but its true that some insurances will drop you if you get a trampoline and some may not cover you if you have one already.

Where you live was another thing to consider. A few moms mentioned the heat in their state being “murder” on Trampolines and breaking them down over time. Other moms said the weather as I mentioned above with storms blowing them around and tearing them apart.

Overall Results from Survey | Trampoline for my kids?

Trampolines aren’t “safe” BUT KIDS love them!

This is true and scary, and as a mom, you have to almost know this going in right?

A Whomping 68% of the boy moms surveyed were pro-trampoline WITH a paired piece of safety advice. The overall consensus of a trampoline being great for their boys was obvious but there was a huge blanket of safety being key from all the surveys and research with this topic.

The other 32% of moms are living on the safe side saying no to the trampolines. Surrounding valid safety concerns and insurance rates who would blame them. Not me.

Honestly, nothing is really “safe” with children running around. From the moment our precious babies are born, the world, once full of adventure and spontaneity becomes a dangerous place we have to protect them from.

We baby-proof every corner, we put locks on cabinets and make chemicals unreachable. Hold their hand in parking lots and keep them close in stores. We watch their every move to prevent the all inevitable accident that eventually hurts our kids.

I suppose trampolines are like anything else. Pools, bikes, playgrounds, even bathtubs can be super dangerous without taking preventative measures. Hell, my boys are 5 and 3 and already have four-wheelers! (I’m basically scared to death as a mom most of the time.) But our boys… love every second.

I can’t wait to see their faces this Christmas when we show them what Santa Brought and I hope if you’re asking “Should I get a trampoline for my kids?” this gave you some insight to help better make the decision.

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3 thoughts on “Trampoline for my kids?| 50+ Boy Moms Weigh-in

  1. Hey , nothing is 100%safe …kids are going to get hurt with or on something. As parents we have to control their energy..and try to keep them safe…protect but don,t smother..

    1. Thank you!!! We have had the trampoline a year come December and although we have had a few learning curves with everybody finding their limitations but thankfully no major accidents. So happy you found this post and enjoyed it!

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