5 Easy Ways To Trick Or Treat With Toddlers

Best places to go trick or treating with toddlers
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5 Easy Ways To Trick Or Treat With Toddlers

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5 easy ways to trick or treat with Toddlers. These events make it simple and easy to have lots of Halloween fun with your toddlers leaving the door to door to the ones who dare.

These all-inclusive Halloween events, trunk or treats, and fall festivals usually have refreshments, bounce houses, games with prizes, and of course, Trick or Treating! ( Check your local listings, Ie Facebook )

5 Best places to go Trick or Treating with Toddlers. These events make it simple and easy to have lots of Halloween fun without going door to door!

Fun Fact: Halloween is actually my Mom’s birthday, so it was always a big spooky deal at my house growing up. So likewise for our kids its a big deal too! I decorate the house, we have a Pumpkin Carving Party, we make Halloween cookies, and we´ll do 2 or 3 of the events throughout the month right before Grandma blows out her candles on Halloween night! I LOVE OCTOBER!

Trick or Treat with Toddlers

Consider these ideas to Trick or Treat with Toddlers. You can find these all month long and get more than one use out of their adorable little costume.

The kids are guaranteed to have a blast, you don’t have to go out late, and these options are FREE just like traditional Trick or Treating. Don´t forget a big candy bag too because we all know who the candy is really for.

#1 Trick or Treating at City Hall

9 out of 10 times your city or town will host Trick or Treating Events for Children. You can check your town’s event website or Facebook page to get all the details and these events are typically held at a town hall of some sort. The ones we have attended are great, I look for them every year. The city will get vendors in town to get together and hand out candy in a walk- through style Trick or Treating. Usually, they will have games or bounce houses for kids on the property and its a great way to enjoy a day of trick or treating and the kids will LOVE IT.

#2 Sheriffs Department

In addition, The Sheriffs Department may also hold a Trick or Treating event. In our town its called Cops and Goblins – Trunk or treat. These are really cool because if your kids are like mine they love the police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances and at this event, they will not disappoint. The kids get to see the inside of all the cool trucks and get candy. Most will also have cool games and prizes.

#3 At the Mall

So even the malls do trick or treating now. That´s right, each shop has a candy bowl. What kid doesn´t love running around the mall? Well here is their chance to go in full costume. It can get a bit crowded but the perks include Trick or Treating in air conditioner, guaranteed participation from the shops, and you can even pop over to the food court for a quick dinner solution.

#4 Trick or Treating at Church!?

I find it ironic that Churches host Halloween Events but they do and I must admit the Halloween Trunk or Treats they have are AWESOME and open to the public. Facebook is usually the place your local church will post its Trick or Treat poster or some information. Some churches even do pumpkin patches which are so fun to watch the kiddos run around in and pick one out. Trunk-or-Treats are usually held in the parking lots or side yards of the Church and you can expect the trunks to be decorated in different themes for the kids to visit. They also throw fun themed games and occasionally a bounce house or two!


Grant had been begging me to take him to Chick-Fil-A this week and it just so happened I found out they were having a trunk-or-treat with a bounce house. Count us in!

It started at 5 pm so we went up there around 4:15 pm to get dinner and it turns out I wasn´t the only mom who had that idea.


Just inside alone with the six other kids in the playground. The fact that everyone was in costumes probably made it THAT MUCH better for them!

Then in the parking lot were at least 20 trucks all decorated to a different theme! The boys went on the bounce house 3 or so times and got a huge bag of candy while playing a couple of games along the way.

5 Best places to go Trick or Treating with Toddlers. These events make it simple and easy to have lots of Halloween fun without going door to door!

Bonus place for Fall Fun

Fall Festivals are another great place to take toddlers for some Halloween fun. Read the info for your local details. Sometimes they have petting zoos, pony rides, and lots of games for the children. Hayrides, scarecrows, and pumpkin patches are the trademarks of a Fall Festival including face painting and of course trick or treating!

Fall Festivals are another great place to take toddlers for some Halloween fun.

Final Thoughts to trick or treat with toddlers

Avoid the teenage rush at sundown through a neighborhood with no lights carrying your cranky Buzz Lightyear or Princess Jasmine and try these instead. Do a quick Facebook search ¨halloween events near me¨ or try ¨trunk or treats near me¨ or even ¨fall festivals near me¨

The kiddos can dress up more than once this October and they will have tons of fun doing two or three of these events. Save the door to door trick or treating for when they are a bit older. Trust me. Coming from a mom that dressed my 10-month-old as Frankenstein ( I was his Mummy teehee ). I tried to go out at 7:30 pm to walk the street because I didn’t want him to miss his first Halloween. HA. These ideas to Trick or Treat with toddlers are fun and doable! so enjoy and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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